Figurski at Findhorn on AcidTHE RADIO PRODUCTION

by John Barber, Marc Rose, & Richard Holeton


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Figurski at Findhorn on Acid—hypertext for the ears—presents the first ever radio adaptation of the comedic hypertext novel by Richard Holeton. The radio script was written and produced by John Barber of Reimagined Radio, with sound engineering by Emmy award-winning Marc Rose and performances by The Voices, the ensemble of Portland-based voice actors. This sound-based story takes the novel to a new medium. Special guest appearance by Richard Holeton.

Three larger than life characters, Frank Figurski, The No Hands Cup Flipper, and Fatima Michelle Vieuchanger, converge at Findhorn, Scotland, a small fishing village and home to an intentional community of New Age eccentrics seeking one—perhaps two!—mechancial pigs of incalculable value while stewing in Spam, acid—yes, that acid—and wit-slathered repartee. The result: one epic story. Already legendary. Now heard on radio.