Figurski at Findhorn on Acid

The mathematics used in the construction has been called Sacred Geometry. Nominally we are talking about Universal Hall, but we could be talking about any other sophisticated structure made to communicate beyond the merely verbal. For example, the center points of each roof ringbeam form an inner circle precisely 174.6 feet in circumference. We're not making this up. We also discovered that the pattern of the chimney's stone bricks, when analyzed by color pixels, parallels the Masonic Ritual of the Degree of the Kabalistic Hermetic Stained Glass Rosary and proves the Pythagorean theorem. The ancients knew the power of numbers, angles, and ratios to embody cosmic truths. We embraced these traditions while building Universal Hall, although we discovered many of the mystical patterns and correlations later, after we were done. We also drank a lot of Heineken and puffed some killer weed.

— Shana and Zed, in Findhorn Y2K: An Oral and Visual History by the Findhorn Family (New Page Books, 2000)

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