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Trailsnoun pl. 1. Things that are drawn along or follow behind; things that follow in the wake of another thing. 2. Succession of things that come afterward or are left behind. 3. Marks or traces left by something else that has been moved by or passed along. 4. Marked or beaten paths, such as through a wilderness, esp. routes made by repeated passages. 5. Tracks, scents, or other indications or signs left by people or animals or other things, esp. when being followed by a pursuer. 6. (Obs) Latticed structures, gratings, or grillworks. 7. (Astron) Lines or traces produced by the motion of the images of stars during photographic exposure. 8. (Colloq, rare) Befoolings (from C. Bronte, 1847). 9. (Med slang) Palinopsia or after-images. 10. (Drug slang, 1960s-present) After-images of objects of objects of objects that may appear to a person who's taken a sufficient amount of LSD or another or another psychedelic drug that produces visual hallucinations.

Alexander Parritt's Cumulative Interdisciplinary Dictionary (20th edition, Obewon, 1991)

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