Figurski at Findhorn on Acid



Subjects will experience a consensual conceit or collaborative hallucination in which they each devolve to their 20th-century originals or alter-egos — Francis "Frank" Figurski to Theodore "Ted" Streleski, Nguyen Van Tho The No-Hands Cup Flipper to Eugene "Gene" Zanger the World Famous Cup Flipper, and Vieuchanger to Michel Vieuchange. "Figurski, the No-Hands Cup Flipper, and Fatima Michelle Vieuchanger on the Holodeck on Acid" is a beta evaluation release and will self-destruct in 30 days. This is not a fully supported Holodeck program, but we encourage you to try it and give us feedback. In fact we insist on it.

Gene: I've become my own mentor. My face is so fleshy, heavy. Look at this nose!

Ted: Didn't you read the disclaimer, you've sprouted hands and become a bigger but still Dumbo-eared pixie-faced Ross Perot only without money or power so you're an even bigger idiot than he was.

Michel: Must avoid mirrors. Man, I can actually feel the weight of the little penis, the balls hanging between my legs. How odd and delightful. Yet what a burden. How do you arrange the whole package for sitting. Ouch. How do you resist playing with it all the time.

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