Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


computer create graduate math student holo-lounge with hairy hands-on story problem VR simulator capable of handling nonlinear partial differential equations harmonic analysis scattering theory and the study of motion in a random flow

good now i will compose the story problem and the simulator will create a 3-D dramatization solve the equation in the background then act out the results got it

okay let me see if americans consume 3.8 cans of spam per second and hawaii and alaska residents eat the most spam per capita and um the graduate studies office is hassling you even though you've told them repeatedly to get off your back and ahh 5 billion total hunks of spam have been produced in history each cut into quarter-inch slices and your advisor is fucking with your mind about those differential equations so what if you spilled some spam jelly all over them a little got on his desk i'm so sorry and your registration is on hold again and uhh the 18 visible pieces of clove pictured on each can are not included serving suggestion only and harvard pays its ta's 8.5% of pigshit wages and quentin avoids your eyes your eyes hey look at me don't fuck with me like this and a can of spam wired to the exhaust manifold of a snowmobile traveling 35 miles at 55 degrees below zero browns the meat to perfection then calculate please how long before you smash in his fucking head


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