Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


The Park, Findhorn. Guest trailer 2B with Findhorn official hosts Shana and Zed. Strong scent of Apple Almond Nectar herbal tea from steaming cups.

Shana: ... and that's when the big crazy guy he feeds it some of that...

Zed: Spam.

Shana: ... no, Sham, British brand, same thing, and the robot pig, how do you say, does its thing right on our polished hardwood stage.

Zed: Spam, sham. Digested Sham!

Vieuchanger: All right, I'm only going to tell you this once. According to the CIA I'm actually an Algerian terrorist code-named "Tanya." Personally I prefer "revolutionary freedom fighter" to "international terrorist." Anyway, Vieuchanger is only a cover. As Tanya, I've come to return the mechanical pig to its rightful owners.

Zed: You should have seen everybody's faces!

Shana: He left right after. Zed, stop it! ... CIA, did you say?

Vieuchanger: I must ask you, please, to tell me where the pig is right now.

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