Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


See the two mechanical pigs.... The pigs are nearly complete, they are only missing a couple pieces called the servomechanism and Prime Mover.... These pieces are very important, they are like the brain or soul of the machine.... Someone lights a lantern. Can you tell who did it? Does it matter?... Frank and Tho and Fatima study the clockwork mechanisms spread out on their folding camp table.... Remember how they mixed up the pieces when they put the pigs back together? Well, now they carefully switch the Prime Movers and mix up the servomechanism parts also.... The moonlight is thick like water, and it takes all their concentration to work as if underwater like Jacques Costeau.... Whenever a cloud formation passes near the moon or an insect buzzes their lantern, they hallucinate.... In the clouds Fatima sees Saddam Hussein driving a Winnebago, then her son Mohammed on horseback, don't fall Mohammed!... Frank feels the faint brush of insect wings as if a Zen master had struck him hard across the face with a broom.... Hey look out, those dragonflies are a fleet of firebreathing B-52s to Tho!

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