Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


Well, Zanger wouldn't BE in this situation, you tell yourself as you prop the screwdriver between your wrists and pry up the thin floorboards in your trailer closet. The air space proves even larger than you'd guessed from the vent outside. Sure enough, when you reach into the dark your stubs bump against a can with the distinctive shape that sends shivers up your arms. But when you lift it out for once it's not real Spam, but some British imitation brand called Sham, so when the flashbacks begin you're able to get control of them and work yourself back to the present. Moisture is a concern, and to seal van Gelderschott's faux masterpiece safely in your crate, you meticulously squeeze the air from one plastic garbage bag, then a second-layer bag, and then a third. Finally, you gift-wrap all previous layers inside a metallic-silver Space Blanket (Auto Survival Kit) and duct-tape the flaps down solid. Should last a while under there!

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