Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


Of 147 pieces of piggy we should have 49 or 7x7 each.

That should be pig-zzz, not pig not piggy.

Right that's 49 per pig, 98 total each, let's not get these crates mixed up please.

If we're mixing them up on purpose to randomize the reconstruction what difference does it make.

Let me say that some villagers are coming in those big sheepknit sweaters with red windburned faces, they will want to know what we're doing here on the strand at this time of day.

How can you tell them apart, do you remember. The Scottish have a very bloody history I'll give you that. The point is that the randomization is not really random but follows a strict recursive algorithm.

Is that the guy who gave me a ride back in '93. And you were there, and you were there, too, though not at the same time. Recursive algorithm is redundant.

Lost their jobs to the big commercial fishing fleets.

Quick before they get here does everyone have your one third of the algorithm down pat. Speak now or forever literally hold your piece. We can't risk jumbling the codes when we put Humpty Dumpty back together again unless we are certain we retain the actual formula.

Would anyone really say that, it sounds like you are explaining the plot to some imaginary audience on the strand, their red chapped ears straining for coherence.

And just like that there's no one there, no villagers, they've turned around. Diverted their attention. We're not the ones you want.

Local heroes. Do you never imagine there are others who might hear you.

No bickering remember we're becoming One.

We can be certain only of our own part, if we can even be sure of that, not how it fits into the whole formula.

Very clever but let me say that they've all become netmakers now. Fine custom work, handknit like those sweaters.


Give me a Simpsons Hand with this box will you.

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