Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


Fun Activities for Learning

1. With reference to your reading journal or mental notes, crayon a diagram of the Great Circle of Being; you might include symbols for elements such as Shana, Zed, broccoli, lorries, protagonist Nguyen on drugs, etc. Switch diagrams with someone else and put your name on the other person's work. Explain "your" diagram to a third person, then fold it into a paper airplane and sail it towards the person in the class or group you think its originator is most attracted to sexually or romantically. Now pick up the airplane that lands closest to you, and, using only your wrists (i.e., folding back your hands to simulate Nguyen's disability) and a different-colored crayon, smooth out and add something from the story — pig crate, exploding Spam, "Tanya" the mysterious Algerian, etc. — to the appropriate place in the diagram. Repeat these steps until everyone is exhausted. Do you think that the airborne diagrams become, as a result of this process, more alike or more different?

2. Get your local grocer to special-order you a case of the British processed-meat product Sham™, if it exists, then clandestinely replace individual cans of Spam™ with Sham™ in the store's shelf display. On random days over several weeks, booby-trap the display so that all the processed-meat cans will collapse when one is removed. After someone topples the pile, offer advice to the store manager based on optional texts on reserve in the library, such as U.S. Army Field Manual 5-31. Write a short paper discussing guerilla grocery tactics and your role as a double agent.

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