Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


1. Figurski and Vieuchanger should be described meeting clandestinely at The Palms Trailer Park, in between the Wine Reception and Final Banquet of COMAS '97 (to which they'd both managed to obtain tickets) at Many Palms Ocean Resort.

2. They might agree at the outset that it was simply too risky, in the current climate, to transport the full-size pigs anywhere, even if they could come to terms about reuniting the Prime Movers with their respective servomechanisms to make the pigs functional.

3. Neither would be likely to tell the other where his/her parts were presently located.

4. In a quick transition, they would become mesmerized by a slow motion shooting star — or would it be the vaporous trails of a sodium street light burning out in the mist above the inland waterway?

5. Where's the No-Hands Cup Flipper (and shouldn't he be close by now)?

6. Subsequently the conversation should devolve into an even less-coherent exchange, for example with Vieuchanger saying that she had told Nguyen to tell Figurski that the automaton scholars at COMAS were dangerously close to assembling the clues and constructing the truth about the Rosellini, or with Figurski saying that Nguyen said that Vieuchanger said that Figurski had said that some of the journalists covering Shower-Lourdes were getting hot on the trail of the fugitive pigs after finding some suspicious cans of Spam strewn about the grounds like discarded dog food, and with both of them saying who they thought ought to say what to whom at which place and time if they were to get, in the end, all on the same page.

7. A weird confluence should begin to emerge between Figurski's personal, psychological paranoia and Vieuchanger's more refined, political sense of oppression.

8. The mantra of this convergence would be resistance: resisting the Others, resisting the new pig paparazzi taking over Shower-Lourdes as well as the traditional tabloid apparition-reporters, resisting the relentless machine prose of Harriet Stratemeyer and Nancy Drew and Carson Drew and Hannah Gruen and George and Bess too, resisting the academic expanding-reducing-self-perpetuating machine sinking its well-polished teeth into the possibly-fictional pigs, resisting the entire Jon-Benet Ramsey Story, resisting Princess Di, Dodi, Reagan the dunderhead, Mother Theresa, Princess Di, Bush the murderer, Prince Charles, Trevor Rees-Jones (he doesn't remember a thing!), Henri Paul, Princess Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Die!

9. Questions would be posed directly to the readers, all of you, who are you, or who do you think you are asserting yourselves into a story that is only about itself, are you with the Others, are you one of them or one of us?

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