Figurski at Findhorn on Acid

Findhorn 3.x
Findhorn: The roof of Universal Hall was designed to make an attractive and harmonious landing site for alien visitors, and hot damn if a spacecraft from the Gamma Quadrant didn't actually appear some time in the 21st century out of transgravity lightwarp in the stratosphere above Scotland, hesitate a few milliseconds while scanning in the entire accumulated knowledge of humankind, then swoop down for a landing atop the Hall. (It was told later that the aliens organized human experience into 9 major directories containing 354 nodes and 2001 hyperlinks, leaving traces of this design embedded in microchips, twisted into DNA strands, painted on cave walls, carved on tablets, etc.) They sent a subliminal message, whispered during sleep and broadcast on all communication media in every human language, to all the people on the planet. At least that was the reason for the Great Change passed on by Findhornians and their surprisingly numerous global sympathizers. How else to explain how universal human rights and true democratic reforms swept the planet? How the Institute for the Americas in Quantico, Virginia, shut down its training of Latin American state police forces in the use of domestic terrorism and torture? How McDonalds and Burger King went vegetarian, purchased the entire Amazon Basin and donated it in perpetuity to the U.N.? How the U.S., its affluent allies, and transnational corporations cooperated to distribute food, medicine, and shelter more equitably and efficiently? How people everywhere built sustainable communities using local resources, how the profit motive came to be understood more broadly as an increase in value for all stakeholders? How Bill Gates opened public appearances by leading the audience in singing John Lennon's Imagine, while he spun off the remnants of the old Microsoft off into thousands of Baby Bill nonprofit coops dedicated to empowering indigenous peoples?




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