Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


Let me say that I am really flying here.

What crates I only see one.

How did we ever. Distinguish them.

Markings we made, signs we left behind, our individual memories each of the other. Almost lyrical huh I'm slipping slipping. Monsieur Parritt my fifth grade teacher said god is nature's mathematician, is there beauty in knowing one-third of the algorithm.

Assuming we can put them back together even with the parts all mixed up.

All the King's soldiers and all the King's men. Remember at the conference someone said van Gelderschott actually came first, how can that be.

The copy was the original. Is that a paradox.

Let me say that the Rosellini was maybe constructed from a fictional historical record which explains why the evidence is so skimpy. What would Theodore Streleski, Eugene Zanger, and Michel Vieuchange do in this situation.

Our originals. The conference people the paparazzi are totally guessing while we've got the real McCoys.

We've got every single section numbered for christsake, that must count for something.

No way to keep track otherwise. Too many possibilities.

In my book we've each got one-third of two sets of equivalent numbers.

Let's book, book 'em Dano, fuck me Christ, I'm all mixed up I'm randomized.

Very funny but this is the real thing, you are seeing unfiltered all the optic nerve misfires and synaptic short circuits along with the shapes you make them into.

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