Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


The old guest trailer gone. Shana and Zed gone. It's like the place gets developed but the characters don't, never become real flesh and blood that is meat.

Is every scene a beginning. No American or Amerasian happy ending.

Let me say that Shana and Zed do not exist anymore, even if you thought they ever did. No outsiders, no guests, nobody. Haven't you noticed just look around.

Has there been some catastrophe. At least on paper I mean.

Paper cut. So sharp, so surprising. Seriously, you forget. You go years and years without getting one then you get like three in a row.

At least it was acid free paper.

Is this the millennium party or is it like the endgame in chess. The fewer the pieces left on the board the more constrained the moves. So easy now to take a misstep.

Too bad, I like the way Amerasian rolls off the tongue so much smoother than French Moroccan.

It seems Findhorn at least has undergone a transformation.

No it is you, it is us. It is you who has hooks for hands now for example.

Listen take a walk to Spam House in the EcoVillage, do not pass Go do not collect $200, check it out dudes. Structural = cans, decoration = blue and yellow labels like tiles, jelly = lubrication & glue, treated meat mixed with some kind of recycled plastic sawdust = insulation, longer shelf life than fiberglass and ten times the thermal efficiency. Can you dig it.

Let me ask if this is the future, or is it the present built from the past. Like the way you are speaking in columns that don't match.

Only one of them is a hook, remember the other one is a mechanical Simpsons Hand.

Yes I see, just four stubby fingers but fully functional, satire on the human hand and its subversive potential.

You mean three fingers plus thumb. Bow down and submit to the mighty opposable thumb. Cartoon species killers ugly bags of mostly water.

All of the above is my answer. At least we are symmetrical there's a certain mathematical beauty in that. In Simpsons 3-D Chess let me add that you cannot tell the white pieces from the black.

We are in danger of losing our coherence here. In the endgame there's no memory of previous positions the history of how you got to this scenario is totally irrelevant in terms of playing the present position.

Right the whole town of Springfield is reborn every week, Mr. Burns keeps meeting Homer as if for the first time over and over again.

They call this dwelling of the future the Spam House, but if you look below the surface they have mixed Spam and Sham brands almost equally in its construction.

But can you actually grab stuff I mean can you use those hooks as a can opener for example.

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