Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


Strand means beach in Irish literature.

Stranded on the strand. A strand of sheepknit sweater, one of the elements woven into an intricate whole, a strand stranded on the strand.

Let me say that we are merging into different components of the same character, taking on aspects of one another's personality. That is really annoying, especially so soon. I refuse to be an interchangeable part, especially with you two.

I am serious, don't you think that the place exudes an effect on you. You can say it's the people not the place, but why are the people drawn here time and again, a particular kind of people.

Are people drawn here or are they running away from another place, just moving from place to place. If they were doing well where they came from they'd still be there. Can you really open a tin can with those hookhands.

It might be to their credit that they leave the safety of their routine prisons to try something new, to build something from nothing. Uh oh here comes a big wave.

What people. There is no one here except us.

Everyone is building something from nothing, it is all we do. Just become habit. I have suggested, I think I said, our individual voices are growing indistinct.

The sounds are coming from your mouth, I can pick out individual words but I can't understand the sentences. Going up up up.

Each wave builds, peaks, crashes, thins out, sucks back out to rejoin the fucking infinite ocean.

That's what we used to call an acid insight. Remember from science class that waves aren't one coherent chunk of water moving separate from the other water no listen to this they're different molecules of water rising and falling all along the path of the wave so are you still with me the content as well as the shape of the wave is constantly changing.

What the hell did she say.

So a wave is not a real thing in itself it is just an up and down movement along the surface of the water, it is a process that is why in some languages wave is a verb not a noun, look out here comes another big one.

A process out of control, like a habit, it must be serving some larger agenda.

You mean the Man the Transnational Corporations the Commercial Fishing Fleets etc. are like forces of nature.

Not at all let me say that when you think you're in control you can name all the forces that's when they've really got you. Is Spam Spam good for your heart.

Oh I see the other one's not a hook, it's very sophisticated really, let me take a closer look there.

I told you that already. Don't get stuck on that. Where was I, heart. The more you eat the more you fart. The more you fart the better you feel so

How do they do that, peel back the glove a little and let me peek underneath. Whoa not that far.

I told you don't get stuck looking inside the thing. There's layers and

Hey I thought they could only do that in the movies. I can see all the clockwork gears and stuff, but the magic seems to be in the nerve connections and

So I eat Spam with every meal.

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