Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


[from proposed Annotated Contents, Masquerading at Shower-Lourdes ]

Chapter the Seventh, in which several Questions are posed to the Reader, namely: (1) to what extent do you think that the Heroine is ambivalent about taking flight, fearing for her life after an assault rifle-toting Mafia hit man who had followed her to The Palms Trailer Park retook possession of Rosellini's mechanical pig despite being moved to tears by the inspirational words of His Savior as reported by the freshly-showered Mrs. Lorac? (2) how successfully do you think that the Heroine blends into the crowds at Disney World and Epcot Center re-disguised as a middle-aged, Middle Eastern immigrant to the Midwest (more specifically, as a Lebanese shopkeeper who had exchanged the chaos of Beirut for the cultural blandness of Pablum Junction, Iowa)? and (3) when the Heroine finally takes the only room left at the Orlando Holiday Suites, overlooking the kitchen loading dock and punctuated by the hourly Beep-beep-beep-beep of large trucks in reverse gear, how restful do you find the ensuing respite?

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