Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


See the three campers by the inland waterway in the moonlight.... Here's the silhouette of a giant Spam Castle (don't forget to recycle!).... Here's the twin silhouettes of the mixed-up mechanical pigs.... Inside they are very complicated and have many parts.... But Frank and Tho and Fatima have nearly finished their project. How did they get so far so fast?... When you focus on just one piece at a time, each new part seems to fit in more easily than the last, and the work goes faster and faster.... "Last two sections!" Frank, Tho, and Fatima play "Rock Paper Scissors" to see who will snap in the Prime Movers.... Tho makes Scissors with his Simpsons Hand but loses to Frank's Rock.... Frank tries Rock again but Fatima out-psyches him, "Paper covers Rock!"... "Ready?" asks Fatima.... They all think they know one-third of a secret formula, called an algorithm, that could be used to sort out the original Rosellini parts from the imitation parts made by von Gelderschott.... But to test this idea they would have to rendezvous again, in the new millennium, and agree to share their knowledge.... Do you think that will happen?

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