Figurski at Findhorn on Acid

A-1 psychic warns Di: dump Dodi
Albanians demand Mother Theresa's body
Another pig sighting in Calcutta
Austrian scientists ‘beam' matter across lab
Author of ‘Naked Lunch,' beat icon dead
Bosnia still a tangled web
Brazil offers free sex-changes
Brother's eulogy lashes media, royals
Conference focuses on 18th, 19th century automatons
Egyptians say British ordered Di's death
Famous pig forgery suspected
Farewell to the Patron of the Weak
Former president fragile, lost in own world
Gates heads list of billionaires again
Geraldine Chaplin to play TV Mother Theresa
Ginsburg archive challenges Stanford scholars
Gore made political phone calls from White House
Greenspan tells audience not to fixate on the Fed
Hormel Hippies Stage Spam Fight at Christ Shrine
JonBenet Ramsey autopsy reveals heart on hand
Kaczynski: childhood of rage
Ken Kesey recovering from stroke
List of official terrorist organizations released
Madonna baby Lourdes cut off from father
Mafia, museums, private collectors compete for famous pigs
Mechanical pig rumors fly from New Age Community
Mother Theresa docudrama to air
Navy cancels Cyberfest '97 Rave
New millennium closer than you think
Paparazzi may have sought pig, not princess
Priceless pig sighted in Scotland
Promise Keepers trust in Christ, oppose homosexuals
Reagan mostly alert while president, doctors say
Scholars debate Rosellini, automaton inventor
Season finale of 'ER' to be broadcast live
Second woman says Albert bit, wore panties
Terrorist, pig spotted in Scotland wearing boxers
Two miracles required for sainthood, says Pope
Unabomb suspect is schizophrenic but mentally competent
Web sites devoted to spam, pig fans
World Famous Ralph the Swimming Pig makes last dive from pink volcano
World says farewell to princess
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