Figurski at Findhorn on Acid



We know about the pigs. You may suspect that our real plan is to take possession of them, or whatever pieces of them you have managed to code into this space for reassembly, by any means necessary including but not limited to the creation of entire environments in which the characters appear to be free. Your suspicions are irrelevant and you will be assimilated. By starting "Figurski, the No-Hands Cup Flipper, and Fatima Michelle Vieuchanger on the Holodeck on Acid with Rosellini's 1737 Mechanical Pig" or any related scenario, you accept all risks to your person, family, home, enterprise, government, etc.

Michel: A map is the one thing I lacked when I died the first time. I did not lack desire and will, or even a camera in the desert. It seems that the longer I go between trips, the more trails I see when he juggles.

Gene: You're creeping me out here boys. Canned parts of mechanical pig.

Ted: Let's pop 'em open. Pop 'em pop 'em pop 'em pop 'em pop 'em pop 'em.

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