Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


Tho [to revving bulldozers]: Wait! Not yet!

[He continues digging furiously in the trailer rubble. Tap-tap with the stubs: he strikes wood!]

OK. This is it. This is fucking it.

[Shana and Zed come back to life and go help him remove, from where Nguyen had buried it four years earlier, the hermetically-sealed crate containing possibly one of the world's most valuable objects near the end of the 20th century. Figurski replaces Shana and Zed on bench and reopens tabloid.]

Frank [barely looking up]: No way, man. [Photos in the Sunday Mirror show Princess Diana cuddling in the Mediterranean with gazillionaire playboy Dodi Al-Fayed. IN LOVE! Former President Reagan though is skin and bones. His long-deteriorating brain has forgotten even to get hungry. NEAR DEATH! Nancy. Gipper, Bonzo. Is that you.]

Tho: Ah, there.

[Nguyen strips the last layer of plastic off the mechanical pig. Shana and Zed fade into background again and disappear. They had been so vivid to him during his previous visit.]

Frank: You've got ... Now this won't do.

Tho: What?

Frank: Your pig there — where did you .... [he pulls the other mechanical pig from his duffel].

Tho [whistles]: Whoa.

Frank: Phasers on stun. [Sets his pig in motion toward Nguyen's.]

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