Figurski at Findhorn on Acid



The nominal intention of the scenario is to study the effects of the characters' changed physical appearance, in reverting to their originals, on the personalities they had developed on their own — or perhaps vice-versa — in the contexts of the usual stimuli (Spam in this case). "Figurski, the No-Hands Cup Flipper, and Fatima Michelle Vieuchanger on the Holodeck with Spam" is for evaluation purposes only and is offered free of charge. We cannot guarantee that any subsequent releases will be offered at no charge, but we suggest that you check back frequently for any revisions.

Michel: Must avoid mirrors. Man, I can actually feel the weight of the little penis, the balls hanging between my legs. How odd and delightful. Yet what a burden. How do you arrange the whole package for sitting. Ouch. How do you resist playing with it all the time.

Ted: I liked you better as a woman. As for this suite, if that is what you call where we are, I find it comfortingly generic and institutional. Shall we order room service before we get down to work?

Gene: Just feel their heft. They fit so perfectly in the hand, both the 7-ounce and 12-ounce cans. Ingenious palm-size rectangles with rounded corners. Stand back, nothing to be afraid of here folks.

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