Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


Questions for Discussion

1. In fifty words or fewer, compare and contrast the video waitress's fixation with Spam as reflected in the Findhorn clerk's obsession with the Python comedy sketch in terms of electromagnetic forces of attraction and repulsion at work in the text between Figurski (i.e. mass/matter) and Findhorn (curved spacetime).

2. Turn off the lights. Everyone who thinks that the Findhorn pig which Figurski almost literally digs up in December, 1993, is actually the van Gelderschott forgery rather than the genuine, original Rosellini, please huddle on one side of the room, remove an article of clothing, and appoint a facilitator to gather these in a large bag from Target. All those who think that the pig in the story is indeed the Rosellini, please remain seated, blindfold yourself with the black eyeshades provided, pass around and withdraw a clothing article at random from the other group's Target bag, then re-dress yourself, substituting the new item for a piece of your own. Turn the lights back on and discuss.

3. How would you characterize the relationship between Figurski's personal demons and the Pan-like nature spirits dancing along the edges of the Findhorn ether? To what extent do you think that the work requirement for short-term guests at The Park (which is never explicitly mentioned in the text) should be modified to prevent future hammer-murderers from hitching rides with colorful local characters such as the Spam-eating Highlander who picks up Figurski? Defend your answer with a semiautomatic weapon purchased through a rightwing British hunting/survivalist magazine.

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