Figurski at Findhorn on Acid

Note about Notes
*Note about Notes

A unique node, the unattached space "*Note about Notes," appears at the root level of the Notes directory in the original (2001) Windows version and in the unpublished Mac 2nd edition (2008) of Figurski at Findhorn on Acid. Is the author trying to "hide" this space? It is not linked to or from any other spaces, except for a single text link in node 3.1.06, so readers will most likely encounter it only if they navigate the narrative using a map or structural view. Moreover, the existence of "*Note about Notes" in Notes seems to violate the Figurski convention of dividing directories by threes/multiples of three.

The simplest explanation is that the first MacOS version (which we can now determine was created first), composed in Storyspace, loads 354 total spaces, and this added space is needed to show the same total of 354 in the other versions. But since the texts and structures of all versions appear otherwise identical, something more mysterious must be at work in either the software or the operating systems. The Windows and later Mac versions of Storyspace seem more mathematically precise, in that the author had indeed created 353 nodes, other than this one, in both versions. But perhaps the original Mac version, more imaginative or philosophical, considered the implicit space that holds all other spaces to be itself another space and counted that one too. Depending how you look at it, such an implicit meta-space — a space of spaces, or a space about spaces — would be free of content, or full of it.

— Alan Richardson, "Notes about 'Note about Notes,'" footnote to "Metanarration in the Notes directory of Figurski," in Millennial Machinations, ed. Alexander Parritt (Fictitious Press, 2001)

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