Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


If we still left one-third of the de-constructed parts to reassemble on the Holodeck and another third for Shower-Lourdes then we could say that this is only the beginning of the end.

Let's not and say we did.

We have been shattered into shards like a dropped picture frame then refracted into hundreds of colors through the prisms created by the shards.

Did we say and let's not.

Will we be taking separate flights or go together, coach or upgrade to business, window-middle-aisle or triptych, it's all nonsmoking so much easier not to have a choice.

And let's not say we did.

More like opaque chunks, balls not shards. Here is not fragile plate glass over a flat picture, no this is safety glass. Safety glass crinkles up when it's shattered but the glass balls stick together like the spinal curvature of spacetime.

Let's say not and we did.

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