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Pulp fiction titles by L. Ron Hubbard*

Ai! Pedrito!
An Alien Affair
The Automagic Horse
Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000
Black Genesis: Fortress of Evil
Buckskin Brigades
The Dangerous Dimension
Death Quest
The Doomed Planet
Empty Saddles
The End is Not Yet
The Enemy Within
Final Blackout
Fortune of Fear
Guns of Mark Jardine
Hot Lead Payoff
The Invaders Plan
Ole Doc Methuselah: Soldier of Light
Return to Tomorrow
Six-Gun Caballero
Slaves of Sleep and The Masters of Sleep
Typewriter in the Sky
A Very Strange Trip
Villainy Victorious
Voyage of Vengeance

*All titles obtained from public records. No secret Church of Scientology documents describing bizarre beliefs about prehuman races, E-meters, etc. were stolen to get this information. No disaffected former Scientologists were interviewed in the process of compiling this list. No claims about the pseudo-religious beliefs, cynical practices, fabricated biographies, or excessive litigiousness of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard or any of his followers or heirs can be inferred from this text. No explicit or implicit suggestion is made that the term "Church of Scientology intellectual property" is an oxymoron like "military intelligence." Likewise the terms "charlatans," "buttheads," or "how fucking stupid do you think we are" are never once used in conjunction with Hubbard, Scientologists, or Scientology.


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