Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


Tho: Goodbye. I'm riding up the wave.

Frank: They look the same, but there are subtle differences. When I fed this one some Spam last time ....

Tho: Hello, I'm out of here.


No Spam in this scene!

Frank: I suggest a ... controlled experiment.

Tho: I'm a goner. You hear me, no more ....


Frank: We study them first of course, study their appearance in detail.

Tho [from on high]: "We." How can you think ...


Frank: After that, feed both of them a can of Sham, the British imitation brand. Then activate the defecation function.... Then repeat, but this time with Spam, the real thing. After that ... [gets distracted by comparing some detail on the pigs' snouts].

[Long pause.]

Tho: Open the hangar, coming in for a landing again!

Frank: Tell me the history of this one.

Tho: Are you talking to me?

Frank: No, I'm talking to Princess Di over there.

Tho [starts to turn, then snaps back]: You have an incredible capacity for this stuff, not to feel it like that.

Frank: Yes. [Pause.] I still see trails though. [Passes hand back and forth across face, pausing between each pass, like a slow metronome.]

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