Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


Tho: It's like we keep starting over again. It's like when Dorothy wakes up at the end of The Wizard of Oz -- you were there, and you were there, and ... [turning to Figurski] ... hey, you weren't there last time.

[Pause. The audience will already have seen the last, half-demolished guest trailer at Findhorn caravan park. Also the two idling bulldozers, their capped drivers standing and smoking beside them. And in the background, painted on the sky drop, a typically eclectic structure from the new Eco-Village, all angles and solar panels and natural clay tiles framed with local timber. Stage left, Shana and Zed hold hands on a makeshift bench like a statue couple.]

Tho: Stop the bulldozers. Something valuable ... I buried there.

[Figurski looks up from a British tabloid, then stares into the fogbound distance. A ship's horn blows.]

Frank: Princess Di is the most famous person in the world, the most photographed woman in history. [Pause.] Former President Reagan is slumped over like a sack of shit, he doesn't know who the fuck he is.

Tho [prying up floorboard from closet in former trailer guest room]: Right here. No, right here!

Frank: Doesn't know who the fuck he is.... [Approaches.] Hey, lemme see that!

[Lights down, tableau with spot on Figurski touching Nguyen's arm stubs and making face. Pause. Lights up. Figurski wrestles blue and yellow can away from Nguyen, holds it up to the light. It is Sham, not Spam. He throws it disgustedly, aimlessly. It bangs off one of the bulldozers. The drivers briefly glance down; one checks his watch, then both re-mount their steel cages and rev their engines.]

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