Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


See Frank and Tho and Fatima around the campfire for the last time.... Here are two incredible fully-functional mechanical pigs side by side for the first time in history! Can you tell the original from the forgery?... Frank says "We are back where we started".... Tho says "To make them ours we had to take them apart and put them back together our own way".... Fatima says "They're not just ours anymore," then she adds "If we let them go, each time they are reconstructed by anyone else they will look identical but will be different inside".... And now like Jacques Costeau we must say goodbye, "for we are mere visitors in zees fragile world".... Goodbye Frank and Tho and Fatima. Thanks for hosting your little millennium party!... Goodbye Shower-Lourdes, goodnight outline of Jesus in the shower, goodbye doublewides, goodnight moon.... Goodbye pigs.... Goodnight creatures everywhere.

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