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SPAM: In 1998 when James Hormel, openly gay San Francisco resident and heir to the meat-packing fortune, was nominated by President Clinton to serve as ambassador to the tiny nation of Luxembourg, conservative extremists in Congress objected that Hormel would promote what they called "the gay agenda" and feared he might show up at official functions accompanied by a man instead of a woman. In 1999, with Senate confirmation still stalled, gay and lesbian people staged a protest in the capital city of Luxembourg in which they fed Spam to thousands of feral cats and then built a "Wall of Shame" with the empty cans. No one was certain how the symbolism of cat-feeding or Spam cans related to gay issues, or for that matter why the city and the country of Luxembourg have the same name. In any case, Clinton used a tricky "recess appointment" to give Hormel the job when Congress was not in session. During the 21st century, Hormel Foods would open a gala new Spam Museum and Visitors' Center; would become the leading provider of protein to all the world's people with per capita incomes below $500 a year; and would redesign the Spam can and label 21 times without once altering the formula for the stuff inside. Seattle's Annual Spam Carving Festival became the single largest outdoor event in the Western Hemisphere. Email and newsgroup spamming grew unabated into the early 2000s, when it was calculated that a majority of all Internet activity was either a spam, about spamming, or related to Spam.


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