Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


The real test will be what I call the Spam Test.

Oh no not again.

What they eat, how they eat it, and how it comes out in the end.

We keep going over and over the same ground. We are commuters on a multilane oneway road. Every time the same thing, the same landscapes, the same radio stations, the same music and traffic and news. Best you can hope is a burst of new growth along the highway, a slight change in the weather, the strand will be cool today wind off the north sea at 25 knots, a new snippet of childhood memory pops to your forebrain as you take a bite of highland fog.

Just keeps going and going what are you the fucking Energizer Bunny.


That's a big bite all right. Let me say that we need more examples here. Iconic, ironic, what a difference one letter makes.

This is the example, we are our own example, the whole thing is only about what is happening right now. What is that, is what the question is. I told you don't get sand in the gears goddamn it.

When your mother cradled you after your accident blood pouring down her peasant smock the blood making mud at her feet, did she cry out against the Americans the French the Chinese the Russians the National Liberation Front the Oil Companies. This is not a question it's a statement.

That was the 1970s this was the 1990s this was Windows 95 Office 97 Word 98 Office 2000 Windows Millennium etc. Bill Gates wearing Mouse Ears with Nike Swooshes. How about that for a song title. Don't Cry for Me Pirate China.

Can you use the master's tools to tear down the master's house, is that the question.

All the questions are statements, haven't you noticed.

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