Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


[from proposed Annotated Contents, Masquerading at Shower-Lourdes ]

Chapter the Sixth, in which, according to Jesus, the State of the Planet was not good, war and famine and genocide needed to be ended, for which tremendous human effort would be required, and while people should continue to trust in God, they must also take responsibility for their own actions and the effect they have on others — for example, the Loracs' neighbors, the Smidleys, ought to build a covered caddy for their garbage cans; and in which, following the address, the Heroine, disguised as Mr. Goldberg, having choked down several fatty, salty bites of Spam and rudely tossed the can for the sake of her character's idiosyncratic verisimilitude (and pan-religious resistance to stereotyping), discreetly requests an audience with the Loracs but is turned down, then briefly considers setting out the treasured mechanical pig and offering to demonstrate its talents in exchange for an exclusive interview (at which point the Heroine indulges in a vision of people stepping back in horror and amazement as Rosellini's automaton waddles across the yard, head-butts and knocks down a pink flamingo, leisurely masticates some scrub grass, climbs three steps, then defecates on the Loracs' front stoop), before a threatening shadowy figure appears on the edge of the multitude.

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