Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


Study Activities

1. Divide into small groups and discuss your own childhood experiences with Spam, Yoo-Hoo, pop-top cans, religious visions, food fights, or LSD. Select someone for head shaving and nose or nipple piercing according to the
instructions in your kit and appoint a Recorder to videotape the whole experience. Dub in a narrative in which you make specific references to the poem or its protagonist, then share your work on a common display monitor or by publishing on the Internet.

2. Figurski sees Mrs. Lorac's apparition reflected in her bathroom mirror (hence, appearing in reverse) as the image of Theodore Streleski rather than of Jesus. Try this yourself by finding a trailer park near where you live, inveigling your way inside a double-wide, then asking to use the bathroom. Cut four strips of duct tape 12 to 18 inches long and press them firmly onto the shower stall. Etch the figure of a long-haired, deeply-suffering Semitic guy onto the duct tape with a sharp object such as a fingernail file or small nail, being careful not to scratch the stall wall underneath, then remove the tape and view the resulting glue pattern in the bathroom mirror. Write a brief report about your experience.

Without reference to the work of Euchcar, Opep, Skate, Bovokan (i.e., Rape File), or the Pulioo Frog poets, continue the Figurski epic by composing your own 10-line stanza in heroic couplets including inventive or forced rhymes such as "distinct/think"
(lines 33-34), "rile 'em/asylum" (49-50), or "Jesus diseases" (59-60) but using only words beginning with B.

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