Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


More fragments.

Inventing a history for myself. Er ... constructing.

Reinventing it at every point in the disconnected narrative.

For example, having a child "out of wedlock," "nontraditional."

Who what where when how why.

History — internally consistent? Coherent with other texts/travels/trips?

Perceived consistency depending on reader (and writer). Drugs?

Present behavior deriving from personal history? Hmm. Organic (vs. processed meat product).

Present behavior as constructed by me and you (and them) deriving from my personal history as constructed by me and you (and them) to the extent that someone constructs patterns that link these. How?

Pitching the empty can of Spam out the automatic window, looking for an angle, a way to pitch the story.

Loracs as narrative. Loracs as ritual. Loracs as theater. Loracs as spectacle. Jesus ... Jesus, all of the above. Washing us. Clean Jesus!

Loracs on acid? No, Jesus on acid.

Mohammed, Mohammed, Mohammed. Naming my Son after the Prophet. The inertia of belief. Borrowing beliefs like renting a car, Toyota Toyota Toyota.

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