Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


Shana [authoritatively at first, then unsure]: We are beginning a new section of the Eco-Village right here right now.

At this transition ... Whoa! Starting to come on, are we? ... transition ... transition from the ... older trailers ... to ....

Zed: We are beginning anew ... Sexshun. [He seems to make the sounds without registering the words' meanings. He seems to sense that he and Shana are peripheral to the main action, necessary but not sufficient, as if recalling the long debates in Universal Hall about what to call their role: Hosts or Guides, Group Leaders or Guest Facilitators....]

Tho: Everything is doubled here.

[Nguyen passes hand-stubs across face. Pause.]

Frank: Trails.


Still fragmented.

[Reflexively, Figurski touches his foot to his duffel, feels the outline of a metal hoof. He glares at Nguyen as if thinking: Who's the gook. Look ma no hands! Shana and Zed pass a blade of grass in some kind of private ceremony. They smile. They had passed some years together in the trailer now being demolished for scrap and salvage, now being destroyed to make way perhaps for the New Age or at least for some incremental step towards Planetary Consciousness. Yet Shana and Zed themselves scarcely exist any longer in the outside world, outside this circumscribed performance as Findhorn Facilitators.]

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