Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


Who. Fatima Michelle Vieuchanger posing as Algerian terrorist/freedom fighter "Tanya"; Shana from Sweden, long-time Findhorn community resident performing her rotation, along with roommate Zed from Amsterdam, as host for new visitors in trailer 2B.

What. After sharing herbal tea at the end of a pleasant day on acid in which Vieuchanger had successfully avoided thinking about her son Mohammed living in the custody of his father, Tanya is led by Shana to Rosellini's mechanical pig, stacked along with other props freely available to Findhorn residents for their weekly Friday Sharing at Universal Hall, where it had been left after a controversial performance by transient American convicted murderer Frank Figurski the previous month. The pig, half-hidden under several floppy hats and paisley scarves, is dusty but appears intact and fully operational in a quick test of its elaborate controls. Tanya persuades Shana that she's doing the right thing. Shana asks Tanya to write when she finds meaningful work. Tanya says "Huh?"

Where. Walk-in storage closet, basement, Universal Hall, The Park, Findhorn Community, Moray Peninsula, Scotland.

When. January 22, 1994.

Why. Vieuchanger suspects that the Findhorn pig may be the van Gelderschott forgery rather than the original Rosellini, or else the Shower-Lourdes pig she went to so much trouble to obtain before losing it back to the Mafia in Florida was actually the van Gelderschott, and this pig is the real one, but it doesn't matter because by now the two pigs are equally valuable both financially and in terms of her writing career.

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