Figurski at Findhorn on Acid


See the moon rising over the trailer park.... Frank and Tho and Fatima are leaning back in their canvas camp chairs.... They begin to see faces in the moon.... They see many different kinds of faces, happy faces and scary faces and mysterious faces.... Have you ever seen faces in the moon?... Then they see the light of the moon start to pulsate like a beating heart.... Have you ever seen the moon pump like throbbing gristle?... "Let's try to stay focused now" says Fatima.... "Got to ... concentrate" says Frank.... "Yes, we're almost done" says Tho.... Finally, working all together, they pop open the poptops.... Pop-hiss. Pop-hiss. Pop-hiss. The thin metal lids curl up like paper when they are peeled back. Watch out, those edges are sharp!... But look at this — there is no Spam inside these Spam cans.... Instead there are little gears and pulleys and springs.... Frank and Tho and Fatima are not surprised.... They lay the parts out carefully on a folding table.... It looks like they have taken apart a giant clock.

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